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"Future of Live, Work, Play" ™

Global Strategic Partners, Services & Advice on tactical and strategic opportunities for global distributed environment



Our Story

Growth Gateway is a talented team of experts with years of experience in both government and private sector, with a passion for finding collaborative and sustainable solutions in global distributed environment.


We do this with a profound understanding of cultural contexts & communications, a huge emphasis on technology, processes and protocols and a desire to promote "ease-of-doing business" around the world.


We follow Pareto principle 80/20, 80% of remote and impactful "work" and 20% of quality "play" time in person with 100% meaningful win-win collaboration. 

Who We Are

We provide corporate leadership with strategic advice.


In practice, we are "Interim Chief of Staff (of CEO/VP/C-level)" and "Interim Strategic Growth Partners" for 3 main types of work:

  • Strategic initiatives | Build a Center of Excellence (CoE design) 

    • Intrapreneurship, Innovation & R&D

    • Intellectual asset & cross-functional protocols, 

    • Strategic Communications, Social Media Engagement & Influence

  • Due diligence

    • ​​Artifacts management & mission-control,

    • Market entry, JV & Partnerships building

    • Deals sourcing, Fundraising & Scaling

  • Organizational Change Management (transition in leadership, M&A, funding or scaling-related issues to financing and human capital)


Think about it as "eyes and ears of the CEO": we do the job and you get the glory internally :)

We provide Tier pricing based on industries, practice and geographical locations of our current providers:

Tier Pricing 1 ~$$$

  • Aerospace, Sourcing & Defense

  • Emerging Tech  - Blockchain, AI, Robotics/IoT,

  • Energy, Mining & Resources

  • Financial Services, Investment, Insurance, Private Equity & Hedge Funds


Tier Pricing 2 ~$$

  • Biotechnology & Epigenetic

  • Government Innovation, PPP, Transportation

  • Emerging Tech - AR/VR/XR, gaming

  • Digital Marketing, Media & Entertainment

  • Education, STEM & Workforce Development

  • Information Technology, Telecommunications & Disaster Management


Tier Pricing 3 ~$

  • Food, Beverages & Hospitality

  • Healthcare, Wellness, Cannabis/CBD & Life Sciences

  • Real Estate, Co-Living, Smart cities & Nomadic lifestyle

  • Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship, Not-for-profit, B-Corporations

  • Digital transformation in emerging markets

Our primary geographical markets are: USA, European Union, Israel, Dubai, Caribbean, Mexico.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a vibrant global distributed network of Thought Leaders, shaping the future of Live, Work & Play for the upcoming generations.

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California, USA

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Signal or Whatsapp: +1 682-240-4976

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